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The pioneers of aviation were never lonely


Tired of Starbucks and Mega Lo Marts and every high street/main street looking the same?

Maybe you are or maybe you don’t care but if do care them hopefully this new section will evolve into something that you’ll be interested in

These are the design folk, independent record labels, micro-breweries, cassette-only labels, independent-presses and more that operate under the radar and sometimes completely on the radar- nothing wrong with radar – in the subterranean depths (or just on the local high street).

Nothing really beats just going to these places and spending some money and digging through what they have to offer and yes you could just look them up on the fucking ‘Trip Advisor’ or something and get a load of ‘reviews’ about how someone did or didn’t like something but it’s all a bit mundane isn’t it so we thought we’d try and give a few short profiles of the places and the people behind these places.