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Astronaut Wives Club

What is the Astronaut Wives Club?

It’s a long-standing series of mixtapes/DJ mixes (we’re not fussy) that’s been associated with Dostoyevsky Wannabe and Vintage Swimmers Club for a long long while. It covers a whole shitload of musical/noise genres esoteric, popular and otherwise (so not just the post-punk stuff on those tapes up there).

Can I be an Astronaut Wife?

You can. We welcome your guest-mixes and mixtapes if we like them we’ll be glad to feature them. They have to be available on Mixcloud and you can submit them online but we don’t want a free for all so first email with a tracklist/rough guide to what’s on your mix and we’ll send you the form. It’s a simple enough form – just a finalised tracklist and a Mixcloud shortcode, easy!

I just do mixtapes and Dj mixes for fun and for interest, I’m not like a professional DJ or anything, can I send one?

Yes. DEFINITELY. We’re not marketing people looking for the ‘next big thing’ to drive traffic to our site via ‘Likes’ or ‘Listens’. We’re just into music and like obscure things.