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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Who: Victoria Brown and Richard Brammer
What: Astronaut Wives Club: Unofficial Untypical Girls mix
Where: Manchester, UK

Astronaut Wives Club:
Unofficial Untypical Girls mix


  1. Fuck Yr. Fans by Bratmobile
  2. Her Jazz by Huggy Bear
  3. Not In The Biblical Sense by Emily’s Sassy Lime
  4. Bluebell by Babes in Toyland
  5. One Forty Five by Free Kitten
  6. Dumb Head (Joe Meek) by The Sharades
  7. Horror Head by Curve
  8. Lorelei by Cocteau Twins
  9. Miss Modular by Stereolab
  10. Souvlaki Space Station by Slowdive
  11. Man Next Door by The Slits
  12. Tears In The Typing Pool by Broadcast
  13. Credit in the Straight World by Young Marble Giants
  14. On My Mind by Marine Girls
  15. Let’s Make Up by The Chefs
  16. Konsumier Mich by Plastix
  17. Blue Eyed Pop by The Sugarcubes
  18. Going Nowhere Fast by Girls At Our Best
  19. How Come You’re Such A Hit With The Boys, Janeby Dolly Mixture
  20. Sweetness and Light by Lush
  21. To The Enemies Of Political Rock by Team Dresch
  22. Molasses by Aye Nako
  23. Love Is A Hurtin Thing (12-inch) by Gloria Ann Taylor
  24. Big Mistake by Brenda Jones
  25. Anonymous Club by Courtney Barnett
  26. The Tears Won’t Stop Falling by Vikki Styles
  27. If Looks Could Kill by Camera Obscura
  28. Getting out of Hand by The Bangles
  29. Testcard Girl by Talulah Gosh
  30. Sugar by Bikini Kill

Further Info

Image of Huggy Bear from 1992 courtesy of Mick Mercer.

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