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You interviewed me ages ago but it’s not on the site anymore, where is it?

Never fear – your link remains untouched. It’s over here at ‘vintage’ Swimmers Club –

So are you Swimmers Club or The All-New Swimmers Club?

It’s a new incarnation of the same thing. Call it Swimmers Club or All-New Swimmers Club, it doesn’t matter. It’s the SAME.

For Interviewees

Why are you talking to me? What do you want?

We’re most likely approaching you because we’ve come across your work and we like it and we want to ask you about it? We’re a magazine that wants to know about people doing things in an independent/DIY/self-publishing/self-releasing type of way. We’re heavily inspired by zine culture and independent culture in general (not that we’re not interested in record labels or independent presses or thing of that sort – in fact we’re heavily affiliated to indie press Dostoyevsky Wannabe based in Manchester, UK (but working with people from all over – see the list of people who we’ve worked with here).

Why are the questions in the interviews all the same?

If we’ve asked to interview you for either our Subterraneans series or our Municipal Pool rolling interview series then yes the questions are the same for each type of interview. So they are the same for all bands and there are different ones for all photographers or all designers or all zines (you get the picture). We’re interested in questions about particular things and we want to hear what you have to say on these subjects.

What’s this online form that you’re asking me to fill in? Are you human people? I don’t like spam. 

The reason we try to use forms is because it makes the whole process quicker for us and allows us to get around and talk to as many people who we’re interested in as is possible. We don’t like spam either and we don’t want the All-New Swimmers Club to be a free-for-all soulless social network type of thing which is why we rely on an invite-only system with either the main Swimmers Club people inviting you or members of the All-New Swimmers Club synchronised swimming team inviting you on our behalf.

That said if it makes you more comfortable, you can just post the answers back to us in an email, no problem.

You’re asking for my email address? I don’t want you to publish it.

We’re not interested in publishing it. We just find it easier to communicate through email than social networks.

For Interviewers

I want to join your synchronised All-New Swimmers Club team. I want to help invite people to be interviewed at the All-New Swimmers Club. How do I go about it?

You just email us to run some ideas by us at We can probably set you up with a login to the site so that you can invite people on our behalf and upload the interviews. Or you can get our sample questions and/or online form links here.

Will I get paid? What are the prospects for members of the All-New Swimmers Club synchronised swimming team?

Paid?? No, none of us get paid for anything and there probably aren’t many prospects either other than the enjoyment that you might get from inviting artists who you like and giving them publicity. Other benefits?

  • The interviews go down as being arranged and written by you which might be good if you’re getting together a freelance portfolio of published work.
  • Maybe you might meet and get to know some interesting artists.
  • Perhaps you’ll be able to arrange the odd freebie entry to small gigs in your area off the back of it (we have done this quite a lot previously). I mean it’s not guaranteed or anything.
  • Obviously the biggest reason for becoming members of the All-New Swimmers Club synchronised swimmers team is the IMMENSE KUDOS that you will gain from being associated with it.

What makes a good All-New Swimmers Club synchronised swimming interviewer?

No white-supremacists, misogynists, etc. That’s sort of obvious (to us anyway). We cover all kinds of things – design, independent music (electronic/guitar/whatever), experimental indie literature, photography, bookshops, zine culture, even micro-breweries and craft-coffee stuff maybe, anything with a sense of independence. Think ‘bad business makes good art’ etc, we’re not into corporate stuff or people trying to make a million dollars in marketing. We want to interview independent record labels, bookshops, groups of designers for Subterraneans but also individuals – solo musicians, artists working alone, etc for Municipal Pool. Get in touch with your ideas and we can see if they are up our street.

Can I just make up my own questions? They’re better than yours. 

Yes, no problem. Could be interesting.

Can I just send people the questions in an email and can they answer them via email and not answer them via forms?


For Fanzine editors/makers

What you want me to send a copy of my fanzine for free? But why?

Well we really want to promote fanzines and we have zero-money to buy them. Think of it like a zine-swap but instead of swapping you a physical zine, we’ll swap you some All-New Swimmers Club publicity for your zine and your zines generally and we’ll link to your shop/website or whatever if you have one and we’ll put some photos of your short-run zines together and interview you about them BECAUSE WE REALLY WANT TO FEATURE LOTS OF ZINES.

I’m happy to send you my zine because I only make them so people can read them and I want to talk about it and it means my message gets further if you put images online of my zine. Thing is, I can’t send it though because you don’t seem to include a postal address?

Email us at and we’ll let you know an address if we like the sound of your zine (we probably will like the sound of it).

I don’t have the money to post you a physical copy but I want to show you my zine, can I send a few photos?

We’d love to see what the real physical thing is like but we just like promoting zine stuff so yes of course.