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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Who: Marcus Slease
What: Writer
Where: Madrid, Spain

Marcus Slease was born in Portadown, N. Ireland. He immigrated to Milton Keynes, England and then Las Vegas at age 11. ​Some influences include: Buddhist philosophy, surrealism (both hard and soft), shamanism, collage art, noise music, Leonora Carrington, Richard Brautigan, bill bissett, Chika Sagawa, James Tate, Guy Maddin, David Lynch, and various other fabulists, absurdists, surrealists and satirists.

He is the author of eight books from micro presses. His writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, featured in the Best British Poetry series, translated into Polish and Danish, and has appeared, or is forthcoming, in many publications such as: Tin House, Poetry, and Fence. He lives in Madrid, Spain. His forthcoming book Play Yr Kardz Right is out very soon from Dostoyevsky Wannabe 

You can hear some poems from it at:

Also visit him at:

Marcus chooses his seven…

Guy Madden ‘The Forbidden Room’

I saw The Forbidden Room live with the London poets Jeff Hilson and Mike Zand. It was for some famous London film festival thing. Mike Zand got free extra tickets. One of the years it was 3D Goddard. A film called Goodbye to Language. And this year, the year with The Forbidden Room, Guy Maddin was also there. Live. In the flesh. He talked about his friend John Ashbery. John Ashbery is a famous poet. I like some of his stuff. I especially like John Ashbery in The Forbidden Room. He, or the actor playing him, is in a bathrobe at the beginning and recites a brand new poem by John Ashbery. It is about bathtubs. I have been working on bathtub poems for quite some time. So I felt a special connection with the actor playing John Ashbery reciting a poem about bathtubs. Plus there are submarines. Submarines, bathtubs, and woodsmen. These are three of my favourite things. Also a very active volcano and pagan things. And much more. I love Guy Maddin. His collage textures. I think this film is my favourite Guy Maddin. Along with My Winnipeg.


“He stopped, took a swig of the dead champagne. It was like Seven Up”

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