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Saturday, July 1, 2017


Who: Marcus Slease
Where: Madrid, Spain
What: Writer

Play Yr Kardz Right


I have admurayshun fur legs 2
I use them evuryday
running thru dezerts
& dried up creek bedz
leaping ovur ratul snakes
sparklee gold platforms &klogs
make u shape-lee
dont u just want to hug them
qodds support the knee
so u kan pivut &we all need
uh good pivut every minut
I didunt want uh burd chest
but I had one
if you had uh burd chest
the fellas wayvd
their arms like uh chicken
& cluckd at u
I wuz not mister musul
but I tried to be
I did the bar dips
& got e-mishyuns
I climbed the ropes
& got e-mishyuns
this is getting hot
my legs r my most manlee
the hairee legs uv my yuth
tanned terrifik & bold
the summer legz
of qodds un kalves
sum defined
sum not
I did kalve raizes
I kraved the triangul
uv defined kalves
legs r hairee
or shinee
or uh littul bit
uv both
or neither
or either
whatz the diffrence
I bekaim leg


French kissing
in abandund
bildings with uh
getto blastur
doing it
in socks
the korn holz
& nippul twists
I have grown
less afrayd
to luv
beyond my bed
kiss me
in my slow kroakur
evuryday iz uh foreplay
the worldz fureyus
wynd flowz
thru my cape
I am panting
rathur than painting
I am attempting
to spring up
anuthur kind uv mishyun
healthee & heartee
& toothee & brave
the prezent iz uh
baffuld weathur
MOLT & REjoice
nakid as we kame
kissing the lipless
the king uv karrut flowurz


In Koffee Hall
howzing estate
Miltun Keynz
the milk
man iz santa
I wait by door
to hear chime
& klink uv
milk bottul
go outside
to fingur
blue yellow green
shynee heds
uv milk bottuls
U are suppozed
to peel
the lids
but I poke them

Further Info

Marcus Slease was born in Portadown, N. Ireland. He immigrated to Milton Keynes England and then Las Vegas at age 11. He lives in Madrid, Spain.

Poems selected by Victoria Brown from Play Yr Kardz Right by Marcus Slease, published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Summer 2017