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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Who: Pip Blom
Where: ,

How long have you been playing and/or writing music?

We’ve been playing for one and a half year right now. I’ve been writing a lot longer.

Which other bands/musicians would you count as your main influences?

Definitely The Breeders, Blur, Parquet Courts, Micachu and the Shapes.

Are you signed to any label or labels or are you putting out the records yourself?

We’re signed to Nice Swan record for the release of our new EP. And they also did our last single. But before we signed to them, we did everything ourselves.

Has the city where you live had any influence on your music?

I think so, but more on the live side of our music then the actual songs. We saw a lot of great bands playing live and thought; we need to be as good as them.

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re working on recording an EP. And i’m also writing a lot of songs for, who knows, an album?

How would you describe your music in three words?

Bedroom indie rock

How important is the look or aesthetic of your record covers and the style of how you present yourself generally to you?

At the beginning it didn’t really matter to me, but as we’re moving on I’m really keen on getting nice artworks that I think are really cool.

What new stuff have you heard or read or seen lately? Any favourite new bands/musicians, books or artists that we might not know about who we should check out?

I’m really into Sportsteam, they’re awesome. And also Lewsberg, that’s a Dutch band. They’re super cool too.

What is this story about Tom Ravenscroft babysitting you or something? How did that come about?

My dad is in a band too (Eton Crop). And they used to play a lot of shows in the UK. They also did a few sessions with John Peel. He once had said, “You should come and visit our house when you’re around”. My mom and dad thought, “Oh well, why not?”. So the next time that they visited England, just for a holiday, they went by John Peels house. So they turned up there and were like, “Hey, here we are! You said that we could come and visit.” And that’s kind of how their friendship started. My parents went there almost every year. They have held Tom [Ravenscroft: John Peel’s son] as a baby. And later, they brought me and my brother as babies to their house too.

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