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Monday, January 29, 2018


Who: Recordsville Social
Where: Manchester, UK
What: Saint Etienne Tour DJs

So you guys are official Saint Etienne tour DJs. How did that come about? How long have you been doing that for?

Kev:  I’d seen Saint Etienne many times before I met Linda and also chat to Pete Wiggs on Facebook. We saw them together in 2012 at The Ritz and knew they liked 60’s girls’ tunes. When we went to Holmfirth Picturedome in 2105 for the performance of the Film Soundtrack to How We Used To Live (which was unbelievably good) we had the pleasure of talking to Pete, Sarah & Debsy over a beer in the afternoon and gave them a CD we’d compiled from our record collection.

Linda: On entering the gig in the evening as soon as I heard ‘Go Out And Play’ by The Angels I got really excited and exclaimed “Wow what an honour they’re playing our CD as people come in” I guess that’s how it came about!

The band offered us a DJ set at any of the forthcoming Christmas gigs we could do so we played at The Albert Hall in Manchester in Dec 2015. Following that we did Birmingham Town Hall in June 2017 and a further three in Dec 2017.  Massive thanks to Bob, Pete & Sarah for inviting us to play and a special thank you to Manager Martin Kelly for naming us official Saint Etienne Tour DJ’s.

How were the recent Saint Etienne Christmas shows? A Christmas tour seems like a really good idea?

Kev: The Christmas shows were an amazing experience especially doing three different venues, Holmfirth Picturedome, The Ritz Manchester and Shepherds Bush Empire London.

Linda: Shepherds Bush Empire what a venue! Just thinking about all the famous people who’d trod the boards and chilled out in the dressing room before a show was a bit overwhelming but the music soon calmed my nerves!

Yes a great idea. Saint Etienne put an awful lot of effort into their Christmas Shows and both they, and the packed, enthusiastic audiences clearly love them. It gave us a fantastic opportunity to play our pop records in front of at least 4,000 people!

Thanks to the…erm possible short-sightedness of Stockport council you’ve lost one of your regular venues in Seven Miles Out by the looks of it. We’ve seen you play there and at Fred’s Ale House in Levenshulme and we think it’s time you had a regular Manchester Recordsville home venue! Manchester should sort it out for you guys. Any plans for where next after Seven Miles Out? We know you play smaller venues in Congleton etc too.

It’s such a shame about the loss of Seven Miles Out in Stockport despite the public support. We’ve loved playing at that great little venue where Rosemary & John Barrett have worked so hard with their family to create something special and unique. Only time will tell if the Council decision benefits the Market Place and Old Town area. We have done various nights in Manchester but venues are often transient and very few exist where we can just take our records. Always willing to play there though if a suitable place comes along.

Our monthly Recordsville venue, The Olde Kings Arms, Congleton’s oldest & coziest pub, is fantastic and where possible it’s the last Friday of the month. Paul & Helen are great hosts and have some wonderful real ale options. We must give a mention to Richard Keogh and Barry Pitcher who always play brilliant sets with us. Occasionally Graham Marsland, Colin Whitehurst and Ian Chapman play some great choices too.

Vikki and Rich (Swimmers Club and Dostoyevsky Wannabe founders) are starting to write the first Dostoyevsky Wannabe music book soon and it’s going to be about indie pop (for want of a better genre name) and other music that indie pop fans tend to like alongside indie pop (French Ye Ye, girl groups, Northern Soul, Brill Building stuff, 60s Garage nuggets, etc). You guys play all of that stuff and a lot of the music is quite different in style and tempo sometimes but it’s like it all fits together and seems to belong together. Why d’you think that is? Is it all just perfect pop?

Kev: So many indie pop bands that we love have been influenced by all those music genres you mention and, as you say also like Brill Building, 60’s artists and musicians. We think it’s all about melody and excellent songwriting. Be it Soul, Disco, Indie, New Wave or Bubblegum IT IS ALL PERFECT POP!

Linda: It does help having a partner who has such unbelievable musical knowledge. The Recordsville Social concept and making it all fit together so well is very much down to Kev but I’m learning!

We believe you went to one of the recent Chickfactor nights in London? Did you play or just go along as fans of Chickfactor? How did that go (we’re jealous, we missed it!)?

Linda: Just as fans for this one although we did do a guest spot for ‘The Hangover Lounge’ at the Lexington a few years ago.

Kev: Having been a fan of Rose Melberg for years one that I really couldn’t miss as it was the first time Rose had played with the Softies in the UK. She brought nearly everyone to tears when she played solo in the Church at Indietracks.

Linda: I hadn’t heard of Rose or her associated bands before I met Kev but discovered The Softies & Go sailor for myself when I really got my ear into indie pop. I was blown away by her performance at Indietracks, just brilliant.

It was a really entertaining gig and brilliant to meet up with lots of people we know from various parts of the country. As always it was a pleasure to see our good friends Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey aka The Catenary Wires on the bill too and have lunch with another friend, the wonderfully talented and delightful lady, Helen McCookerybook.

You’ve got an interesting looking event coming up at Buxton. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

The Buxton Charity Event should be really special. It’s a Recordsville 60’s Social Weekend with DJ Sets, Film & Newsreel clips, Dylan Talk and Memorabilia. We are so thrilled to have a very special guest, our friend and 60’s icon Adrienne Posta. As well as releasing a host of smashing singles for Decca Adrienne also starred in a number of film and TV programmes including To Sir With Love, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush and Up The Junction. She has kindly agreed to be around all weekend and take part in a Q&A session by local author and 60’s enthusiast Pam Howes. Bob Stanley from Saint Etienne has generously offered to do a DJ set on Saturday and also host his Pop Quiz on Sunday afternoon.

All profit to Jessie’s Fund (Helping children with complex needs through music) The event takes place at The Old Clubhouse, Buxton, Derbyshire on Sat 2nd & Sunday 3rd June.  Weekend Tickets £15 from

All the details can be found on our Facebook Event Page.

You obviously specialise a lot in playing pop classics but do you still look out for newer stuff? Any young bands/artists who you’d recommend from the last year or so?

Yes we certainly do. Whilst we really love playing 60’s music mixed decade nights give us the opportunity to include more contemporary music and we love seeing new bands when we get chance. Alvvays, Colour Me Wednesday, Jane Weaver, Childhood to name but a few have all been played recently and after Indietracks 2018 we’ll probably come home with armfuls of new singles and albums!

Finally, we know you keep a track of what you play quite often so here’s a challenge for you. What were the last ten records that you guys played at the last Saint Etienne gig that you did over Christmas?

Oops you caught us out there! We didn’t do a play list for Shepherds Bush Empire so I guess we’ve failed miserably on naming the last ten… but here are some we definitely played there.

  • Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline
  • Peppermint Rainbow – Will You Be Staying After Sunday
  • The Rubinoos  – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  • Edison Lighthouse – Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
  • The Field Mice – If You Need Someone
  • Glen Campbell  -Wichita Lineman (Bob Stanley’s favourite record)
  • Carla Thomas – Gee Wizz It’s Christmas
  • Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter
  • Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck
  • Lovin’ Spoonful – Do You Believe in Magic

The DJ sets seem to go down really well with so many of the audience dancing and singing along to our pop classics. Strange, but not really surprising, that Edison Lighthouse works wherever we play it!

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