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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Who: Sam Knee Scene Inbetween Guest-Mix
What: Author
Where: London, UK

Astronaut Wives Club:
Sam Knee Scene Inbetween Guest-Mix


  1. 8 Miles High by The Index
  2. Psychedelic Journey by Mystic Tide
  3. Interview Clip 1 by Stephen Pastel
  4. Baby Honey by The Pastels
  5. Picture Gallery by The Times
  6. It’s shocking what they call me by The Game
  7. Clip by ‘Just Look’ 1970s Schools TV
  8. Tally Ho by The Clean
  9. Lovelee Sweet Darlene by My Bloody Valentine
  10. Pristine Christine by The Sea Urchins
  11. Mervyn Day trapped in the net by Football Commentary
  12. All Fall Down by Primal Scream
  13. Indian Summer by Beat Happening
  14. Salvador Dali’s still dying by The Watch Children
  15. I’ll still be there by Razorcuts
  16. Nightmares by Paul Messis
  17. Garbage by The Deviants
  18. Interview Clip 2 by Stephen Pastel
  19. Get Ready to Go by Squire
  20. Albany by Spinning Coin

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