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Anyone looking to interview people on our behalf (please make yourselves known to us first before you start inviting people so that we can make sure we’re on the same page), you can either use our sample questions for various different types of artist (via Word doc) or you can write your own questions.

All invites need to be sent to potential respondents via email.

Remember, we’re interested mostly in people involved with indie/independent DIY type concerns plus slightly bigger independent groups and people but not really interested in super-corporate stuff.

Municipal Pool Sample Questions

Questions for Bands
Questions for Solo Musicians
Questions for Photographers
Questions for Mix Series
Questions for Designers
Questions for Artists

Subterraneans Sample Questions

Questions for Bookshops
Questions for Zines
Questions for Clubnights
Questions for Design Groups
Questions for Independent Presses
Questions for Literary Magazines
Questions for Record Labels
Questions for Record Shops
Questions for Arts Organisations