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Tired of Starbucks and Mega Lo Marts on every high street and every high street looking the same?
These are the design folk, independent record labels, micro-breweries, cassette-only labels, independent-presses and more that operate under the radar and sometimes completely on the radar- nothing wrong with radar – in the subterranean depths.

Sometimes they are offline and sometimes online (there are both nowadays y’know). If we’re talking physical spaces then get off the internet and stop reading this now because nothing really beats just going to these places and spending some money and digging through what they have to offer. It’s better than looking them up on ‘Trip Advisor’ or something to find out whether some idiot has given them ‘five stars’ or not.

If you’re reading this then evidently we think you’re one of them and we want to ask you some questions?

Thanks in advance.

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